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Accent Modification

Be Heard and Understood In Business and Social Environments


Language Essentials can assist those with accents who experience communication difficulties related to accent, grammar, word blending and intonation that is carried over from their native tongue.  We are experienced in working with clients to modify their speech for improved communications.


Accent modification emphasizes improvement in pronunciation, rhythm and timing of speech, intonation, emphasis on syllables and the cadence of speech.


Make Communication Skills a Strength in Your Career and Social Life


Language Essentials works with executives, those aspiring to enhance their careers and anyone wanting to communicate more effectively in their work environments.  There are many proven techniques our therapists utilize to improve clients' speaking, vocabulary, clarity, cadence, intonation, body language and other key elements of communicating effectively in work and social situations.


Language Essentials is a member of CORSPAN (Corporate Speech Pathology Network), a nationwide organization of speech-language pathologists with specialized training and focus on improving business communications skills.

Tel: (925) 743-3322

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