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Speech Norms


How Well Words Can Be Understood By Parents 


By 18 months a child's speech is normally 25% intelligible

By 24 months a child's speech is normally 50 -75% intelligible

By 36 months a child's speech is normally 75-100% intelligible


Source:  Lynch, J.I., Brookshire, B.L., and Fox, D.R. (1980). A Parent - Child Cleft Palate Curriculum: Developing Speech and Language. CC Publications, Oregon.  Page 102

How to Build Language and Literacy Through Powerful Conversations​


This is an excellent paper that describes methods for parents to increase and make more productive, their communications and other interactions with their children.  It is definitely worth a read.



Source:  By Janice Greenberg, Director of Early Childhood Education Services, and Andrea Lynn Koohi, Staff Writer, The Hanen Centre

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